The Power of Hope in Quarantine

Written by Federico Falco


I am going to admit that the quarantine, as much as it sounds relaxing and a time where you can do absolutely nothing, play video games, watch Netflix and scroll on YouTube or Instagram, is face-tearing and exhausting. Every day is the same, no change and obviously no excitement whatsoever.

I am starting to wish the quarantine moves on faster and I definitely hope that my family handles the time well and none of us gets infected. Yesterday I had the biggest headache I have ever had and it was probably from all the screen time everyday.

I wake up, study in front of the screen, after the school finishes I go on the balcony to try and breathe some fresh air, catch a little bit of sunlight to make my eye sacks go away, take an online Yale course teaching me about happiness and what my strengths are and finally work out in front of the screen AGAIN! The situation is bad, I look like a real zombie.

But two days ago I think my quarantine just got a whole lot better. During my online Yale course, Professor Laurie Santos taught me how to savour every moment in my life because if I start to appreciate everything I have and not everything I own, my life will become more joyful and I will be happier.

So I didn’t have anything to do, as expected, and I started savouring every moment of every day, starting from the first lesson in the morning. I appreciated the way my teachers worked really hard to keep us learning and their attitude towards not giving up. After school, I called some of my friends from my old school in Dubai. We talked and talked and talked non stop until we were caught up on everything. That was amazing because finally I had the time to switch back to my old reality and talk to my almost lost friends. After that I worked out and I mean, when you’re working out it’s kind of hard to savour the moment but when I was doing exercises like planks, I thought of every good moment in my life starting from the first year in Dubai, I think 2016, to now. All the friends I made, the good times, the loss of many friends from last year, but the start of new relationships with other people. And that was one of the first things that the quarantine helped me appreciate.

After the workout I took a shower and I just closed my eyes under the water and took a moment to think about the less fortunate ones, the children with no food, no water, no electricity. My friends who really know me are aware of my love for showers, because it’s a time to think and appreciate what you have. But after the last shower I had, I cut down the time in the shower, the electricity, and I finish every plate even if I don’t fully like it, thinking about the people who maybe never even had a shower, a light or a hot meal. I know this sounds cheesy and not true at all, but the quarantine helped me become a better person and I am deeply thankful for that.

I think the most important and beautiful moment in the quarantine was when my family and I got together and played this huge game of Mysterium. I must say that this is a very dorky game but it always builds this tension and connection between the players and my family and I really like it. It was half way through the game and I noticed that this was the first time this year, that we really got together, shared laughs and jokes and had big time fun. You’re probably like, but Fede, I don’t believe that you never spend time with your family, and it’s true, I do spend a lot of time with my family, but that night was really fun and we were all able to release the stress that the quarantine and situation has imprinted on our shoulders.

I guess the point I am trying to make is; try to savour and appreciate every single beautiful moment of the day because it will make you reflect on the past and will DEFINITELY make you happier. Also, I have learned to not hold on to the past because it will drag you down on the long term. Be happy and move on I guess.


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